COAS and Imam-e-Kaaba discuss mutual interests at General Headquarters

imam e kaaba meets COAS Pakistan GHQ

RAWALPINDI: Today, an esteemed gathering took place at General Headquarters as His Excellency Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Humaid, the revered Imam-e-Kaaba, met with General Syed Asim Munir, NI (M), Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The discussions during the meeting touched on various matters of mutual interest. COAS extended a warm welcome to the dignitary, emphasising the significant honor bestowed upon Pakistan by H.E. Imam-e-Kaaba’s visit.

He underscored the universal reverence Muslims hold for the sacred Harmain Sharifain and their custodian.

H.E. Imam-e-Kaaba, in turn, spoke of Islam as a religion of peace and brotherhood, emphasising the absence of space for misconstrued interpretations within the faith.

Expressing concern for global issues, the dignitaries jointly condemned the ongoing atrocities in the Gaza conflict and the oppression faced by Muslims in IIOJK. Solidarity was expressed with the people of Palestine and Kashmir.

General Munir highlighted the robust strategic relations between Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He underscored the foundation of these relations in historic religious and cultural ties, as well as the deep respect and affection that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds in the hearts of Pakistanis.

Both leaders acknowledged the unanimity of views between the two brotherly nations.

In closing, H.E. Imam-e-Kaaba offered prayers for the peace, stability, and unity of the Ummah, marking the conclusion of this significant meeting between the spiritual leader and the military chief.

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