IHC bars Imaan Mazari’s transportation, seeks case report

Imaan Mazari

ISLAMABAD:  The Islamabad High Court has issued an injunction preventing authorities from transferring human rights advocate Imaan Mazari from Islamabad until Monday.

Additionally, the court has directed officials from the Interior Ministry to furnish a comprehensive report on the pending cases against Mazari during the upcoming hearing.

Chaired by Chief Justice Mian Gul Hussain Aurangzeb, the Islamabad High Court convened on Thursday to address the legal proceedings involving advocate Imaan Mazari.

ATC grants 3-day physical remand for Imaan Mazari

In a previous development on Wednesday, the court had instructed Interior Ministry officials to gather detailed information about the cases involving Imaan Mazari, extending this requirement even to cases originating from various provinces.

In response to the court’s directive, representatives from the Ministry of Interior appeared before the court, seeking an extension of the stipulated timeframe to provide the necessary details. Prosecuting attorneys highlighted that they had formally requested information about the cases filed against Imaan Mazari across different provinces.

The officials confirmed the existence of a single case against Imaan Mazari within Islamabad.

Concerning the court’s orders that restricted Imaan Mazari’s arrest in any cases registered subsequent to August 20, officials clarified that the federal government lacked the authority to issue such directives to provinces in such instances.

The court responded, stating that its intent was solely to procure information.

Assistant Attorney General requested leniency due to the delayed receipt of the order, appealing for additional time.

Defense lawyer Salman Akram Raja expressed apprehension that Imaan Mazari might face rearrest.

The court, adjourning the proceedings until Monday, mandated that Imaan Mazari remain within the city limits until that date. Furthermore, the court extended the existing order barring her arrest in any cases filed after August 20.

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