IHC bars housing societies from using ‘Islamabad’ to dupe public

ISLAMABAD:  The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday barred housing societies not situated within territorial limits of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) from using the name ‘Islamabad’ to ‘dupe’ public, with immediate effect.

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In its 24-page written order, issued, in the case against cancellation of registration of housing societies, IHC Justice Arbab Tahir ordered said the change of the name “Islamabad” will dispel the impression being created that these societies are located within the boundaries of federal capital.

IHC directed advertisements be placed in newspapers declaring these societies are situated outside Islamabad. The order read, “Publication in national and international newspapers to be issued at the expense of the Societies by the Registrar that their housing schemes are not situated within Islamabad Capital Territory. Enlarged copies of the advertisement shall be permanently displayed at visible places within and outside the main registered and site offices of the societies for awareness of the general public”.

IHC also reinstated the registration of 18 housing societies registered in Islamabad but outside its limits, annulling the Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) notification, dated September 23 last year.

Justice Tahir observed the registrar of cooperative societies did not fulfill the legal requirements while canceling the registration.

The judgment ordered the Registrar to hold inquiry regarding whether the societies have given the development schedule within one year of registration and verify whether the societies have provided the data in their respective province within the stipulated time. If the societies do not provide data on the implementation of the housing project, the Registrar is authorized to take action.

The Registrar should inquire into whether the societies have “completed the projects within the time frame represented to the general public and whether the Societies have acquired sufficient land required for the purpose. If not, then the Registrar shall conduct an inquiry into the financial affairs of the Societies, as to whether they have the general and financial capacity to continue with the housing schemes” the IHC order said.

Within 2 months, Justice Tahir directed an implementation report in this regard be submitted before the IHC.

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