Here’s the truth regarding news about school holidays in Punjab

news about school holidays in punjab

LAHORE: Social media is buzzing with news about school holidays in Punjab, with reports indicating a one-week holiday declared for educational institutions in Punjab including both schools and colleges. The reason cited for this break is security concerns related to the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8, Thursday.

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The news reports about holidays in Punjab schools, colleges and universities claim that educational institutions will be closed from January 25 2024, to January 31st 2024.

The tweets about the latest news regarding school holidays in Punjab are being widely circulated on social media platform ‘X’, the examples of which can be found here, here, and here.

Certain social media users are circulating claims that the Interior Ministry has issued a notification regarding the closure of educational institutions in Punjab due to security threats related to the upcoming general elections.

Others are claiming that a notification from Punjab School Education Department has been issued regarding a holiday tomorrow (Thursday) in Punjab.

However, there is no truth regarding news about school holidays in Punjab. No official notification regarding holidays in Punjab or any other province has been issued by any ministry.

General election 2024: no, there are no eight election holidays in Pakistan

Earlier, misleading reports regarding eight election holidays in Pakistan in the month of February in connection with the general election scheduled or February 8, 2024 circulated.

However, the news reports stating that there will be eight holidays in Pakistan for the general election 2024 are false, and an official notification regarding this matter has not been issued yet.

False reports about holidays can create uncertainty among students and their parents. Therefore, it is crucial not to believe in such fake reports unless an official notification is issued. Verifying information through official channels helps in avoiding unnecessary panic and confusion.

Earlier in December, winter holidays in Punjab were initially extended in the province until January 9, 2024. The schools in Punjab reopened on January 10. However, on January 10, winter holidays were further extended until January 19, 2024, for Nursery, Prep, and classes below, citing the “wake of cold weather and the resultant outbreak of pneumonia among young children.”

As of January 24, all educational institutions in Punjab have resumed regular classes, with the exception of adjusted school timings; schools now open at 9:30am due to the harsh winter conditions.

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