Heavy rainfall triggers sharp rise in water level of Nullah Leh

Nullah Leh

RAWALPINDI: Heavy rainfall triggered a sharp rise in the water level of Nullah Leh, a key watercourse in Rawalpindi, on Monday, raising fears of flooding in nearby areas.

The surge has led to the water level reaching up to 12 feet at the Gawalmandi point of Nullah Leh, raising fear of flooding in nearby areas.

The torrential downpour caused the water level to elevate substantially, leading to concerns about potential flooding in the vicinity.

Met Office predicts heavy rainfall

The impact of the rain was particularly evident at the Gawalmandi location, where the water level surged to the highest recorded level of 12 feet.

This increase has prompted authorities to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to manage the situation.

Reports indicated that the water level reached an unprecedented 12 feet in the Katarian area of Nullah Leh as well, exacerbating concerns of possible inundation in low-lying areas.

Officials urged citizens to avoid disposing of polythene bags in drains and to cooperate with the authorities in tackling the flood threat.

The upper regions of the country are forecasted to experience an extended period of substantial rainfall from August 14 to August 16.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, monsoon currents originating from the Arabian Sea are projected to intrude into the upper territories of the country, including its highland areas.

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