Hajj 2024: Govt to provide free SIM cards, Abayas to Hajj pilgrims

Hajj 2024

ISLAMBAD: Aneeq Ahmed, the Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony announced on Tuesday that the government is set to provide pilgrims embarking on Hajj in 2024 with a range of complimentary offerings.

These include free mobile SIMs equipped with roaming internet packages, female abayas featuring the Pakistani flag on the back, and 13 kg suitcases.

In an interview with a private news channel, the minister highlighted the historical significance of the caretaker government’s decision to slash Hajj expenses by a substantial one lac, with an additional 50,000 reduction expected in the coming days. This move aims to ensure that pilgrims receive a refund in their accounts.

A newly developed mobile application has been introduced to aid pilgrims, offering navigation support and facilitating constant communication between pilgrims and relevant officials. The app, initially available in English and Urdu, will later incorporate various regional languages and provide digital training programs to every pilgrim.

Revealing an innovative project, the Minister mentioned the collaboration between the Ministry of Hajj and the Ministry of Education to transform city mosques into schools for out-of-school children. In this initiative, mosque imams will take on a prominent role.

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Mosques are envisioned to serve as community centres in every city area, with imams addressing community issues after prayers, according to the Minister. The Ministry of Hajj is actively involving all four provinces and enhancing mosque connectivity.

Another notable project involves the Ministry of Religious Affairs collaborating with the health ministry to integrate medical clinics into mosques. Lady health workers and essential medical staff will be stationed in all mosques, facilitating citizens visiting these areas.

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