GPS signal issues disrupt air travel between Lahore and Karachi

flights between Lahore and Karachi

LAHORE/KARACHI: Reports of recurring problems with GPS signals for aircraft operating within the Lahore and Karachi Flight Information Region have prompted the issuance of a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).

Aircraft traversing the skies within 100 nautical miles around Lahore have reported experiencing difficulties with GPS signals, affecting their navigation systems. Furthermore, pilots flying near Rahim Yar Khan Airport have also lodged complaints related to GPS signal disruptions, according to sources within the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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The ongoing GPS signal issues are casting a shadow over the smooth operation of aircraft in the region, with pilots expressing concerns about the potential implications for flight safety.

Air traffic control has received fresh complaints from pilots, highlighting the pressing need for a swift resolution to the GPS signal problems. Aviation authorities are investigating the root causes of these disruptions and are working to rectify the issue.

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