Government allocates Rs61 bn for parliamentarans’ schemes to woo voters


ISLAMABAD: The government has disbursed Rs61 billion in the first four months for parliamentary schemes aimed at attracting voters.

According to official documents, these funds, designated for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are directly allocated to approved schemes under Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), with specific details of each scheme submitted to the Cabinet Division.

Records indicate that the previous administration, led by Shahbaz Sharif, had earmarked Rs90 billion for parliamentary schemes in the last fiscal year, of which Rs61 billion has already been disbursed in the initial four months, with Rs27.1 billion already expended.

Sources report that this amount constitutes 68 per cent of the annual budget, and the Ministry of Finance, easing regulations, has transferred Rs61.3 billion to the Cabinet Division for SDGs.

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Per regulations, the Ministry of Finance authorised the release of 15 per cent of annual funds in the first quarter, an additional 20 per cent in the second quarter, 25 per cent in the third quarter, and the remaining 40 per cent in the last quarter of the ongoing fiscal year.

Insiders suggest that the PTI government initially allocated Rs61 billion during its term and is gradually spending this amount on parliamentary projects with the approval of the interim government.

Following amendments in the Elections Act 2017, the caretaker government now possesses the authority to spend on ongoing schemes and aims to disburse the earmarked Rs90 billion before the upcoming elections.

The Planning Commission has spent Rs76 billion in the first four months, including Rs250 million for the Prime Minister’s initiatives.

Documents reveal that during this period, the government released Rs25 billion out of the total allocated Rs166 billion to provinces and special regions (FATA/GB & AJK).

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