Karachi residents to face 11-hour gas suspension today

No gas in Karachi today

KARACHI: Karachi residents are bracing for a substantial disruption in their daily routines as the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) announces a gas suspension schedule lasting over 10 hours in certain areas of the city.

The SSGC, in a press statement, revealed that gas supply to portions of Karachi’s District South and Korangi will be temporarily halted on Sunday, December 24. The suspension is slated to occur from 9 am to 8 pm.

The company stated that the suspension is part of an essential initiative to enhance gas supply in District Korangi and District South.

Specifically, on Sunday, an ambitious project will be underway in Ibrahim Hyderi, involving the installation of a 20-inch diameter C-station and 16-inch diameter isolation valves.

Given the nature of this installation work, there will be a temporary suspension of gas supply for a duration of 11 hours, commencing at 9 am and concluding at 8 pm.

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Areas affected by this interruption include the Korangi Industrial Area, residential sectors of District Korangi, Ibrahim Hyderi, and certain regions in proximity to the Defence Housing Authority.

This strategic move by the SSGC reflects their commitment to infrastructure improvement, albeit at the inconvenience of a temporary disruption in gas services for affected residents and businesses.

The residents are advised to plan accordingly to minimize any inconvenience during this scheduled suspension period.


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