Fog disrupts traffic flow in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

fog in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad and Rawalpindi experienced another episode of fog on Monday midnight, causing disruptions in residential and prominent routes.

The reduced visibility posed challenges for motorists, leading to difficulties in commuting and impacting traffic flow, including on the Islamabad Motorway.

Multiple areas in Rawalpindi, including Ayub National Park Road and the Joyland area, reported the presence of fog, further complicating the travel situation.

Visibility was considerably compromised in various localities such as Gulistan Colony, Shah Residency, Gangal West, Khokhar Road, and residential areas like The Spring Apartment Homes Islamabad, Ghauri Town, CDA Service Road, Jinnah Garden, and Korang Road, among others.

As the fog persisted until around 12:30 AM on January 16, authorities took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of commuters. At multiple police checkposts, barriers were removed to prevent any potential accidents.

The move aimed to address the low visibility conditions and reduce the risk of motorists colliding with barriers during their commute.

The dense fog not only affected the roadways but also created challenges for residents navigating through their neighbourhoods.

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