Low visibility causes closure of motorways once again

fog in Islamabad today

LAHORE: In a recurring scenario, several prominent motorways in Punjab experienced closures on Tuesday due to low visibility caused by dense fog, compounded by intermittent rainfall in specific areas over the past week.

The M2 stretch from Lahore’s Thokar Niaz Baig to Hiran Minar was among those closed for traffic, as confirmed by an official spokesperson. This closure aimed to ensure the safety of commuters navigating through challenging weather conditions.

Another affected route was the M2 segment from Faizpur to Kot Momin, closed to heavy traffic following the adverse weather conditions. The decision to restrict traffic on this stretch was made in response to the potential hazards posed by the combination of fog and rain.

Furthermore, the M3 motorway witnessed a complete closure from Faizpur to Samundari, as announced by the official spokesperson. This precautionary measure was taken to mitigate the risks associated with poor visibility and unfavourable weather conditions.

Similarly, the M4 route from Gojra to Faisalabad was shut down for all traffic, with the spokesperson emphasising the need for caution and adherence to safety protocols in such challenging conditions.

Adding to the list of closures, the M4 segment from Abdul Hakeem to Pindi Bhattian was closed for heavy traffic.

These closures highlight the ongoing challenges faced by commuters and authorities alike in managing the impact of adverse weather on the region’s transportation network.

As weather conditions remain unpredictable, travellers are advised to exercise caution, stay informed about road closures, and plan their journeys accordingly.

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