Flood crisis: relief, rescue operations intensify

Sutlej River

LAHORE: Over the past 24 hours, the flood situation has worsened as 113 villages are now grappling with the effects of rising waters, impacting more than 85,000 acres of land. Responding to the emergency, 769 rescue personnel remain active in affected districts around the clock.

To address urgent medical needs, 58 medical camps have been established by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) in the affected areas. In the last day, approximately 2,000 individuals sought medical assistance in these PDMA medical camps.

Emergency treatment has been extended to thousands, with a total of 2,616 individuals successfully rescued from floodwaters by PDMA in dire circumstances.

Apart from medical facilities, 44 relief camps have been set up to accommodate over 15,000 displaced individuals, providing them with temporary shelter and necessities.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the water flow at Talwar post in the Sutlej River has reached a staggering 122,329 cusecs.

PDMA’s relentless rescue and relief operations are currently focused on 11 medical campuses, including Commissioner Lahore, Kothi Fateh Muhammad, Attar Singhwala, Tatara Kamil, and Ganda Singhwala. Notably, 912 people were evacuated from Kothi Fateh Muhammad within the past 24 hours, where medical provisions for various ailments are being offered.

In a significant effort to aid affected individuals, the third phase of relief activities saw food provided to 26,000 people, along with medical aid and medicines distributed to 7,531 individuals through the 11 medical campuses.

To ensure safety, eight police posts have been established to protect 15 evacuated villages, working under the framework of Section 144.

As the situation remains dynamic, authorities continue to work tirelessly to alleviate the crisis, demonstrating their commitment to providing vital support to affected communities.

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