Five suspects nabbed in Karachi shopping mall fire

karachi mall fire

KARACHI: In a significant development, law enforcement authorities have apprehended five pivotal suspects believed to be linked to the devastating fire at RJ Shopping Mall, that claimed the lives of nearly a dozen individuals.

The East Zone police disclosed that among the arrested are Imran Adnan, the proprietor of the software house, as well as Sultan and Faizan, both integral members of the mall’s administration. Abid Shah, identified as the security in-charge, is also among those in custody. The suspects are accused of being responsible for the fire, with ongoing investigations seeking to uncover further details.

The tragic mall fire incident unfolded a day prior, resulting in the loss of at least 11 lives and leaving five others with severe burn injuries. Official reports suggest that a suspected short circuit triggered the fire, originating on the fourth floor and swiftly spreading to engulf additional levels. Authorities claim that the lack of ventilation within the building contributed to the fatalities.

Fire-hit mall to stay sealed for evidence collection, says SSP

Sub Inspector Sadaruddin Mirani filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the Sharae Faisal Police Station. The FIR targeted the builders of the shopping mall, individuals responsible for approving the building’s map, those issuing the no-objection certificate (NOC), the current management of the mall, K-Electric, and the relevant fire station. The charges revolve around the failure to fulfill their respective duties.

A preliminary report from the Fire Brigade Department accentuates the grim lack of public safety measures in place at the ill-fated RJ Shopping Mall in Karachi’s Gulistan-i-Jauhar area. The report underscores the absence of emergency exit doors, exit signs, preventative mechanisms, and emergency lighting or power backup within the structure.

The report starkly concludes that RJ Mall lacked any form of public safety infrastructure, including essential firefighting equipment and emergency exits. As investigations progress, the Karachi mall fire incident raises serious concerns about the adherence to safety standards and the regulatory oversight surrounding commercial structures, urging a thorough examination of the responsibilities of all stakeholders involved.

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