Fire at Karachi’s plastics warehouse brought under control

fire brigade

KARACHI: A fierce fire that erupted in a plastics and chemicals warehouse in Orangi Town Sector 10 on Thursday night has been successfully brought under control, as reported by sources.

According to the sources, the fire’s intensity was fueled by the presence of plastics and chemicals stored within the warehouse. The combustible materials contributed to the rapid escalation of the blaze, challenging the firefighting efforts.

Meanwhile, three fire brigade vehicles were deployed on-site, battling the flames in an attempt to bring the situation under control.

“The blaze was brought under control with a help of a snorkel, however, some time was required for the smoke to clear from the warehouse completely,” a fire brigade official said.

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The official further told HUM News that the fire had managed to engulf the entire warehouse, but prompt action prevented the flames from spreading to nearby structures.

“Our teams worked diligently to secure the nearby warehouses,” the official added.

While the immediate cause of the fire remains uncertain, police officials noted that there were no reported casualties in connection with the incident.

In a separate incident in Karachi, a fire broke out in a shop in Shireen Jinnah Colony, which was brought under control.

The sources reported that a fire brigade vehicle was deployed to extinguish the fire.

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