FIA detains most-wanted human smuggler linked to Libya boat tragedy

FIA Human Smugglers

GUJRAT: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Gujrat circle arrested the most-wanted human smuggler allegedly involved in the Libya boat incident, according to an official spokesperson’s statement.

The FIA spokesperson said that the suspect in custody has also been identified as the central culprit behind the Greek boat incident.

“The apprehended individual, who was wanted in seven cases in Gujrat, was also listed in the Red Book of Most Wanted Human Traffickers,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson revealed that following the Greek boat tragedy, the suspect had managed to evade authorities and is allegedly the ‘front man’ of the highly wanted smuggler residing in Libya.

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He further revealed that the suspect had been orchestrating an international network engaged in human smuggling from Gujrat.

In the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya, two significant boat incidents occurred this year, resulting in the loss of lives of numerous Pakistanis. The first incident unfolded in February, followed by another in April.

Subsequently, a fishing trawler bound for Italy, carrying an estimated 800 individuals, including a substantial number of Pakistanis, encountered a tragic capsize off the coast of Greece.

In response to this calamity, the then-Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif issued directives to relevant authorities, urging a thorough investigation into the human trafficking operations that led to the distressing shipwreck involving several Pakistani nationals near Greece.

The Prime Minister also called for immediate action against those responsible for this abhorrent crime of human trafficking, emphasizing the importance of bringing them to justice.

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