Female student accuses Ghazi Uni teachers of rape


ISLAMABAD: Ghazi University in Punjab’s Dera Ghazi Khan refuting the viral video on social media accusing two of its professors of rape and blackmail of a female student, stated that video is old and action has already been taken in this regard.

A visibly distraught girl — reportedly a student of the university’s physics department — named the two teachers and shared they had “kept her in the hostel with them overnight”, in a viral video on social media.

“Now both the teachers are blackmailing my younger sister,” she said, adding that if the concerned professors are not punished, she would self-immolate.

BU closed after clash between students

Ghazi University spokesman Shoaib Raza addressing the complaint stated that the video being circulated was an old one, and action was taken on the victim’s complaint.

Moreover, a post on the university’s Twitter handle read: “Regarding the viral video by a female student on social media, all people are informed that this video is 4 months old and an inquiry was conducted on the request of the female student, as a result of which the concerned teachers were suspended.”

The post also shared an image of a notification, dated May 5, 2023, declaring that the two professors, Dr Zafar Wazir and Dr Khalid Mehmood Ur Rehman, had been suspended.

The statement further added: “This video statement is currently being used on social media by those few teachers of the university for their own interests, against whom inquiries are going on in the university for malpractice cases. This video has been made viral by him on such occasion to tarnish the reputation of the university.”

“While university admissions are on the rise currently, all teaching and other affairs of Ghazi University are going on very smoothly. Now is the time to take legal action against such negative elements who want to tarnish the reputation of the university unnecessarily,” the post concluded.


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