Fatima murder case: Final postmortem report reveals cause of death

Fatima case

Trigger warning: The Fatima murder case contains details of murder and abuse that may be disturbing for some readers.

RANIPUR: The postmortem report of ,ten-year-old Fatima, a child maid, who met a tragic demise under horrifying circumstances at Asad Shah’s Haveli, has been released, which also revealed the cause of the girl’s death.

The final postmortem report of the girl has been submitted to the Judicial Magistrate Ranipur court.

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According to the postmortem report, the girl died due to head and chest injuries. The postmortem report states that the girl died due to lack of treatment after the violence. The postmortem report also states that there are also signs of violence on the girl’s arm.

It is to be noted that the postmortem of the girl was done by exhuming the grave on the orders of the Civil and Judicial Magistrate court.

The matter first gained attention with the emergence of a distressing video showing Fatima’s body exhibiting signs of severe torture. The video depicted the young girl attempting to sit up on her bed but eventually succumbing to her injuries.

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