Fatima murder case: disturbing new findings


KARACHI: In the unfolding investigation into the tragic murder of a 10-year-old domestic worker called Fatima Furiro in Ranipur, alarming new details have emerged.

The special medical board established earlier to oversee the case has cited concerns about possible sexual abuse inflicted upon the girl. The board’s findings confirm that there is evidence the victim was subjected to physical violence.

Disturbing allegations of facts being manipulated and crucial evidence being mishandled have led to Sukkur DIG Javed Jaskani’s direct involvement in ensuring accountability. The mishandling includes the premature burial of the victim’s body without proper post-mortem procedures.

Authorities have established a police camp and apprehended all the suspects involved. Samples will be collected as part of the ongoing investigation under the supervision of Jaskani.

Ranipur station house officer (SHO) and a doctor involved in the case were also placed under remand.

Earlier, Khairpur’s judicial magistrate granted a 4-day physical remand of Pir Asad Shah Jeelani. He is the prime suspect, following accusations of torturing his 10-year-old maid which ultimately led to her tragic death.

The matter first gained attention with the emergence of a distressing video showing Fatima’s body exhibiting signs of severe torture. The video depicted the young girl attempting to sit up on her bed but eventually succumbing to her injuries.

Identified as Fatima Furiro, she is reportedly the daughter of Nadeem Ali Tharro. They are residents of Ali Muhammad Tharro village, Khanawahan, situated near Mehrabpur in District Nausharoferoz. The family is believed to follow the spiritual teachings of the Pir of Ranipur.

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