Environmental pollution: action against smoke-emitting vehicles

smoke emitting vehicles

PESHAWAR: Amid rising environmental pollution concerns, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa transport department has geared up for stringent measures against vehicles emitting harmful smoke.

Orders have been issued to collect documents from the drivers of numerous vehicles and conduct daily smoke checks. The authorities, in collaboration with the traffic police officers, are inspecting vehicles emitting smoke on various Peshawar roads, collecting documents from drivers, and issuing orders for further vehicle checks in the VETS mobile laboratory.

The transport authorities state that the VETS team, in coordination with the traffic police, is actively conducting daily operations against smoke-emitting vehicles in Peshawar.

The Mobile VETS teams, stationed on different roads, inspect over 300 vehicles daily, including auto rickshaws, taxis, and large vehicles, for emission of toxic smoke.

A departmental spokesperson revealed that in the past month of November, over 14,000 vehicles underwent rigorous fitness checks in laboratories. Out of these, 7,884 vehicles successfully passed the emission test and were issued certificates.

Additionally, more than 6,000 vehicles faced penalties for emitting smoke.

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Notably, the documentation of the penalized vehicles has been seized, with owners directed to acquire a fitness certificate within a week.

The Vehicle Emission Testing Station (VETS) Peshawar, in its monthly report, revealed that Peshawar district witnessed checks on 5,315 vehicles, with 2,264 vehicles passing the test and 3,050 drivers received challans for excessive smoke emissions.

The crackdown signals a decisive move by the authorities to address the escalating issues of vehicular emissions, noise pollution and smog emphasises a commitment to cleaner air and vehicular standards.

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