Elections 2024: Polling delayed in several stations

Elections 2024

Polling for the general elections 2024 has been delayed at several stations due to mismanagement and technical glitches.

Issues ranging from technical glitches to logistical challenges have hindered the voting process at various polling stations in Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

In many areas, including the country’s largest city Karachi, polling materials have not been distributed, causing the suspension of the polling process.

In NA-232 in Karachi, the absence of polling boxes and agents has delayed polling for the elections 2024.

In NA-237, NA-245 in Karachi, the polling is yet to start due to absence of polling staff. The voters are standing in long queues waiting for the polling to start,

Similarly, in Hyderabad’s NA-220 constituency, the distribution of polling materials is pending, leaving polling staff unprepared.

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District Returning Officer Tariq Qureshi stated that the RO holds the credentials (ID and password) for the system, and the transmission of materials can only begin after the RO logs in.

Reports indicate that at PS-2, polling remains suspended due to incomplete preparations at the polling station, while in Ghotki’s NA-198 Dharki constituency, the polling process has been chaotic with the absence of polling agents.

Despite these challenges, Pakistan commenced its polling process today, with an estimated 128 million voters expected to cast their ballots for nearly 18,000 candidates contesting for 1,125 seats in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies. However, the disruptions highlight the need for swift resolution to ensure a smooth and fair electoral process.

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