Elections 2024: ECP writes to ministry of Interior for deployment of Pak Army

ECP Elections 2024

ISLAMABAD: In a letter addressed to the secretary of the interior ministry, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) underscored a shortage of 277,558 security officials necessary to ensure the safety and security of polling nationwide during the scheduled general elections in 2024 on February 8.

The letter urgently requested arrangements for the immediate deployment of the Pakistan Army and other security forces at polling stations. The commission specifically highlighted a critical situation in Islamabad, where a deficit of 4,500 personnel poses a threat to the electoral process. With only 4,500 available against a requirement of 9,000, the capital city is confronted with a significant security gap.

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Setting a deadline of December 4, the ECP expects the interior ministry to provide information on the concrete steps taken to address the personnel shortage

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