ECP withholds PK-90 Kohat results amid allegations

complaints resolved

KOHAT: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Saturday announced its decision to withhold the election results of the PK-90 Kohat constituency following allegations of changes in electoral result.

The decision move follows a series of applications submitted to the election body, alleging instances of manipulation and changes in election results. Several candidates have also filed petitions with different high courts alleging electoral fraud.

In a separate development, petitions filed by Qaisara Elahi and Parvez Elahi regarding NA-64 Gujarat and PP-32 Gujrat respectively were accepted by the ECP. Notices were issued to rival candidates, and the commission directed returning officers (ROs) to compile form-47 in the presence of all candidates and the polling agent.

Form-47 is a document used during elections that contains information regarding rejected votes and a total breakdown of all votes given to each candidate based on unofficial results within a constituency.

A three-member meeting took place supervised by ECP member Nisar Durrani while the legal representatives for Kaisara Elahi and Parvez Elahi were also present.

During the proceedings, Parvez Elahi’s counsel alleged that form-47 was prepared by the RO in the absence of the concerned candidates. The lawyer further claimed that Qaisara Elahi secured 136,000 votes.

The petitioners claimed that while they maintained a lead according to form-45, their rivals were declared winners based on form-47.

Earlier, eight independent candidates filed a petition with the Peshawar High Court alleging changes in election results.

In the petition, the independent candidates allege discrepancies in form-45, claiming the forms declared them the winner. However, they were replaced with another document in their absence.

The PHC is expected to take up the petition on Monday.

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