Election 2024: ECP’s ‘8300’ SMS service free from Monday

ECP SMS service

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is rolling out a voter-friendly move by making the ‘8300’ SMS service absolutely free starting this Monday (January 29). This comes as the nation gears up for the general elections slated for February 8.

ECP’s Spokesperson, Syed Nadeem Hyder, along with Additional Director General Nighat Sadique and the Project Director of the Project Management Unit, broke the news during a radio show.

They highlighted that with ECP SMS service voters can now inquire about their constituencies and polling stations by simply sending their computerized identity card numbers to ‘8300’.

Notably, voters are required to bring their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) to the polling stations for voting. Even expired CNICs or tokens issued for new CNICs are valid for casting votes, according to ECP officials. To maintain fairness and transparency, a technological mechanism is in place for the electoral process.

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ECP ADG Sadique mentioned the presence of a substantial number of international observers invited to monitor the elections.

Additionally, the Election Act imposes a time limit for the completion of election results. Presiding officers must send the results to the election commission by 2 am, and any delays will be scrutinized and reported by the returning officer.

Emphasizing a swift process, the spokesperson added that election results must be finalized by 10 am the next day. As the political anticipation builds up, these measures aim to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral experience for the nation. Stay tuned for more updates as the election drama unfolds.

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