ECP records 426 nominations in four days in Sindh

ballot papers
  • Final day witnesses surge in nomination papers submission for women and minority seats in Sindh

WEB DESK: In a flurry of political activity, the Election Commission Sindh recorded a significant surge in the submission of nomination papers for reserved seats allocated to women and minorities in the province. As the deadline for submissions drew to a close, a total of 426 nomination papers were officially lodged during the four-day period.

For the National Assembly seats from Sindh designated for women, a notable count of 92 nomination papers was submitted, reflecting the heightened interest and competitive spirit among female candidates vying for representation at the federal level.

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In the Provincial Assembly arena, the Election Commission received a substantial number of 243 nomination papers exclusively for women’s reserved seats, underscoring the keen participation of female candidates in the provincial legislative landscape.

Simultaneously, 91 nomination papers were formally submitted for the specific seats reserved for minorities in the Provincial Assembly, highlighting the active engagement of minority communities in the democratic process.

The Election Commission, tasked with overseeing the transparent conduct of elections, is now set to scrutinise the submitted nomination papers and ensure compliance with the electoral regulations. The coming weeks will witness the review process, during which the eligibility and credentials of the candidates will be thoroughly examined.

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