ECP establishes Election City for instant sharing of poll results

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has set up an Election City in its premises, equipped with the latest technology to swiftly disseminate election results of 855 constituencies to the media.

Director of Information Technology, Muhammad Khizer Aziz while briefing media on Wednesday said that a comprehensive strategy was in place to receive election results via WhatsApp, email, and fax.

The ECP had also set up an alternative website to ensure uninterrupted dissemination of results in case of any disruptions, he informed.

Election Management System (EMS) will operate if internet connectivity is unavailable, with satellite communication had also been deployed in some areas facing connectivity issues.

Muhammad Khizer Aziz said that the EMS comprises two components adding that the initial capture of results through photos (of results) by the Presiding Officer, followed by the swift transmission to the respective Returning Officer to Form-45 for onward transmission to ECP and media.

In case of connectivity issues, the results would be compiled threw off line modules.

Presiding officers in all constituencies have been instructed to photograph Form 45 and send it to their respective Returning Officers.

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The Returning Officers will then compile the results on Form-47 and share them with the media.

He said that media walls had been installed at each Returning Officer’s (RO) office to share results, while five media walls had been set up in the ECP Election City to offer continuous updates on the results of one national and four provincial assemblies.

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