ECP asks special seats aspirants to get nomination papers


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has instructed candidates aspiring for reserved seats for women and minorities to acquire nomination papers from the relevant Returning Officers and District Election Commissioner from Tuesday by making the required payment.

The ECP introduced this for public convenience, but candidates must submit their nomination papers to returning officers by December 22.

ECP reveals updated voters’ registration statistics. The ECP has unveiled the comprehensive data, outlining the total number of registered voters across the nation. The ECP conveyed that 53.87 percent of the country’s voters are male, while 46.13 percent are female.

No delays in the electoral schedule acceptable: Supreme Court

The ECP’s commitment to transparency is evident in this disclosure, providing citizens with accurate electoral information. According to the latest data, the total number of registered voters now exceeds 128.5 million. Within this demographic, over 69.2 million individuals identify as male, constituting a significant portion of the electorate.

Simultaneously, the female voter count is recorded at over 59.3 million, showcasing a strong and active participation of women in the electoral process. This disclosure aligns with the Election Commission’s continuous efforts to keep an updated and easily accessible record of the nation’s voting population.

In Islamabad, the overall voter count is 1.083 million, with 568,406 male voters and 514,623 female voters. In Punjab, the total voter count exceeds 73.278 million, with over 39.122 million male voters and more than 34.085 million female voters, according to the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, ECP will begin receiving nomination papers from prospective National and Provincial Assembly candidates on Wednesday, (December 20), as the country gears up for a crucial general election on February 8, 2024.– INP

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