ECP allots symbols to 23 political parties


Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has allocated election symbols to 23 political parties for the upcoming general elections.

A 4-member bench, chaired by Member Election Commission Nisar Durrani, considered the requests for the allocation of election symbols.

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The ECP turned down the Istikham Pakistan Party’s (IPP) request for the Shaheen symbol and proposed the symbol of a sparrow for them instead.

Furthermore, the ECP assigned the following symbols to different parties: a sword to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a book to the JUI-F, a cup to the People’s Muslim League, a ring to the Rabta Jamiat-e-Islam, a bucket to the Kisan Etihad, a moon to the Hazara Democratic Party,  hockey stick to the Pakistan Awami League, knife to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaniyat. Additionally, the Pakistan Aman Tehreek was allotted a missile symbol, while the Tehreek –e-Tahafuz Pakistan received a pistol symbol.

In addition to the mentioned symbols, the Pakistan People’s Party Bhutto Shaheed has been allotted the victory symbol by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Falahi Tehrik (PFT) has received the symbol of a waistcoat, while the JUI Nazriati has been assigned the plaque symbol.

The Jadeed Awami Party has been granted the symbol of a helmet, and Tehreek Awam Pakistan has been allocated the telephone symbol, and the Allah Akbar Tehreek has been given the symbol of a jug.

The EC withheld allotting the Shaheen symbol to All Pakistan Muslim League on the condition that they hold intra-party elections.

In response, the All Pakistan Muslim League assured the Election Commission that they would conduct intra-party elections within 40 days.

In a notable development, the ECP granted the ‘sword’ symbol to the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) after more than four decades.

PPP Secretary General Nayyar Bokhari expressed his gratitude to the Election Commission for allocating the symbol and mentioned that it is an honorable moment for the party chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, to receive the symbol once held by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s party.

The ‘sword’ symbol was one of three symbols removed from the list during the rule of former military ruler Gen Ziaul Haq after the 1977 polls, the other two being plough and scales.

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