E-passport features, fee in Pakistan

E-passport fee in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGI&P) in Pakistan has recently introduced an electronic passport (E-passport) service for its citizens. The E-passport, a highly secure travel document, incorporates an electronic chip embedded in one of its pages.

This chip stores biometric details of the holder, personal data from the passport’s data page, a unique identification number, and a digital signature.

Applicants face delays in getting passports despite paying urgent fees

Designed to comply with the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, these E-passports feature a contactless chip enabling electronic reading.

Standard fee for a new E-passport with 36 pages and a five-year validity is set at Rs9,000. For the same passport but with a ten-year validity, the fee is Rs13,000. The 72-page E-passport, valid for five years, is priced at Rs15,000, and for a ten-year validity, the fee rises to Rs24,000.

This fee structure is consistent across all provinces in Pakistan.

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