Dolphin’s dilemma: Petrol shortage hinders patrols

Dolphin police

LAHORE: The renowned Dolphin Force in Lahore is facing a serious setback as the unavailability of petrol has hampered its crucial operations, leaving citizens worried about the potential rise in crime rates.

Sources reveal that the Dolphin Force, known for its swift response and crime prevention initiatives, has been unable to secure the necessary budget for fuel, putting a temporary halt to its patrolling activities across the city.

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The shortage of petrol for the Dolphin Force has sparked concerns among citizens and law enforcement officials alike. The force, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining law and order, has found itself grappling with resource constraints, hindering its ability to carry out routine patrols and respond swiftly to emerging security threats.

In a statement issued by Lahore police officials, it was revealed that the Dolphin Force is eagerly awaiting the release of the budget for petrol procurement. Once the necessary funds are made available, the force is expected to resume its regular patrols promptly.

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