Punjab police’s high-handedness: DIG CIA Malik Liaquat removed

Punjab police

LAHORE: In the aftermath of a disturbing incident of alleged Punjab police highhandedness, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has taken swift action by relieving DIG CIA Malik Liaquat of his duties and relegating him as the Officer on Special Duty (OSD).

This decision comes in response to a raid on Doctors’ Hospital, during which journalists and medical personnel were reportedly subjected to severe mistreatment.

The controversial episode unfolded when the CIA police, led by DIG CIA Malik Liaquat, executed a raid on Doctors’ Hospital, holding duty doctors, paramedics, and patients’ hostage.

The ensuing chaos saw a reprehensible assault on doctors, paramedical staff, patients, and their families, along with journalists who were present to cover the unfolding events.

The Punjab police, under the watchful eye of DIG CIA Malik Liaquat, not only physically abused reporters but also confiscated their cameras and mobile phones.

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The situation further escalated as the authorities seized the DVR of the hospital’s CCTV cameras, plunging the medical facility into panic and disrupting ongoing treatments.

In response to the alarming turn of events, caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi swiftly removed DIG CIA Malik Liaquat from his position and ordered the registration of a case against those involved in the vandalism and mistreatment of journalists.

Condemnation poured in from various quarters, including journalists, lawyers’ organizations, and civil society, decrying the unwarranted police attack.

Calls for action were directed at Punjab Inspector General (IG) Dr. Usman, who promptly arrived at the hospital to address the concerns.

Assuring journalists that those responsible for the assault on media personnel would face exemplary punishment, IG Dr. Usman emphasized the importance of accountability in maintaining public trust.

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