Dense fog leads to closure of various motorways

Motorways closed due to dense fog

ISLAMABAD: The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) on Friday announced the closure of motorways at several intersections due to dense fog and zero visibilty.

The NHMP said that the M4 motorway has been closed for all traffic from Sher Shah to Shamkot. The dense fog has led to poor visibility significantly impacting travel.

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Similarly, the M3 motorway has also been closed for traffic from Faizpur to Jaranwala. The closure is aimed at ensuring the safety of motorists and passengers, the NHMP said.

The motorway police announced closure of the M5 motorway from Sher Shah to Uch Sharif. The M5 has been closed for all traffic.
The motorway police have advised all motorists to avoid unnecessary travel especially at night.

The closure of the major motorways has caused inconvenience to commuters and travelers on various motorways.

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