Dengue epidemic escalates in Punjab, 42 cases recorded in single day


RAWALPINDI: The relentless proliferation of dengue mosquitoes has reached a concerning magnitude across the expansive region of Punjab, encompassing its capital city, Lahore.

Over the past 24 hours, an alarming 42 new cases of dengue fever have been recorded across various areas of Punjab, indicating a distressing rise in the disease’s prevalence.

Startlingly, the cumulative count of individuals affected by dengue in Punjab has surged to a disconcerting figure of 888, as reported by the health department.

Unfolding within Lahore is a troubling scenario, as evidenced by the emergence of an additional 22 cases of dengue fever in just one day, pushing the city’s annual count of affected patients to a concerning 304.

Dengue cases on the rise in Islamabad

Against this disquieting backdrop, health authorities have meticulously documented the trajectory of this outbreak. In the latest 24-hour period, seven patients struggling with the ailment were identified in Rawalpindi, while Multan and Gujranwala each confirmed three cases. Similarly, Attock and Gujrat each faced two cases, further underscoring the pervasive nature of this epidemic.

Simultaneously, the health department disclosed that the present roster of patients receiving treatment in diverse medical facilities across Punjab stands at 40, with a notable concentration of 21 cases receiving medical attention within the hospital precincts of Lahore.

In a proactive response to the escalating crisis, a robust allocation of 2,678 dedicated beds has been established across Punjab’s medical institutions, meticulously reserved for the exclusive care of patients with dengue fever. This initiative is definitively underscored by the comprehensive evaluation conducted by the health department.

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