Dengue cases continue to surge in Punjab

LAHORE: The Punjab Health Department has confirmed 139 new cases of dengue, raising concerns about the increasing dengue outbreak in the region, particularly in Lahore and its neighboring cities.

According to the latest data provided by the health authorities, a total of 6,874 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported in Punjab thus far this year. Lahore, the provincial capital, has been one of the hardest-hit areas, with 2,719 confirmed cases recorded in the city during the current year.

The Punjab Health Department reported an additional 55 new dengue cases in Lahore just in the past day, highlighting the urgency of addressing the situation in the city. The local health infrastructure is under considerable strain due to the high number of cases.

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In Rawalpindi, another major city in Punjab, 1,904 cases of dengue have been documented this year. The situation in Rawalpindi remains concerning, with 29 new dengue patients confirmed just yesterday.

Faisalabad, a significant urban center, also reported 13 new dengue cases in the same timeframe. In Sheikhupura, the Punjab Health Department confirmed three new cases of dengue during the past 24 hours.

As the dengue situation worsens, health authorities are urging citizens to take preventive measures, including maintaining clean water storage and eliminating breeding sites for mosquitoes. Efforts are underway to control the dengue outbreak, including fumigation and public awareness campaigns.

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