Customs Intelligence foils massive diesel theft operation


ISLAMABAD: Customs Intelligence has uncovered a unique case of theft involving a staggering 65,000 litres of non-duty paid diesel in Karachi. The pilfered diesel, originally owned by PARCO, was brazenly stolen by unscrupulous elements and subsequently sold in the market.

The breakthrough came when Customs Intelligence (CI) Karachi, acting on information from CI Director General Faiz Chadhar, learned that non-duty paid diesel was being illicitly stolen from PARCO’s white oil pipeline that runs from Karachi to Muzaffargarh. The unscrupulous individuals involved in the operation were siphoning off the diesel and profiting from its sale in the market.

In response to this intelligence, surveillance was strategically deployed on suspected industrial premises in Karachi. A critical lead led authorities to an edible oil extraction mill at Port Qasim, which was found to be deeply embroiled in the illegal activity. A meticulously planned raid at 3 am revealed a hidden 174-ft-long tunnel within the premises, providing unauthorised access to the white oil pipeline of PARCO.

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The stolen non-duty paid diesel, amounting to a colossal 65,000 litres, was discovered and recovered on the spot. The owner of the facility has been apprehended for further investigation.

The Director of Customs Intelligence Karachi emphasised the gravity of the situation, stating that approximately Rs 20 million was recovered at the scene. A comprehensive investigation will be conducted to determine the duration and scale of this criminal operation, with initial estimates hinting at potential losses reaching into the billions of rupees.

This successful operation not only serves as a testament to the vigilance of Customs Intelligence but also underscores the importance of combating such large-scale theft operations that undermine the integrity of the market and pose a significant threat to the economic landscape.

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