CM Punjab directs for expedition of HFH upgradation

Holy Family Hopsital

RAWALPINDI: Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi undertook an early morning inspection of the Holy Family Hospital (HFH) in Rawalpindi, expressing dissatisfaction with the sluggish pace of the ongoing upgradation project.

With a looming deadline set for January 31, 2024, Naqvi directed authorities to expedite the construction process and adopt a 24-hour work cycle, underscoring a commitment to completing the project ahead of schedule.

Visibly unimpressed by the substandard quality of tiles gracing the hospital floor, swiftly mandated their replacement with superior counterparts. Asserting, “There will be no compromise on quality work,” the Punjab CM unequivocally delineated the standards expected for the project.

Holy Family Hospital shuts its doors for extensive renovations

Overseeing construction activities spanning the HFH’s old building, outpatient department (OPD), and various wards, Naqvi was briefed that 33 percent of the Old Block’s work had been completed, surpassing the initial target of 26 percent by December 1.

Simultaneously, initiatives were underway to broaden access roads to Holy Family Hospital (HFH), not only augmenting its connectivity but also ensuring enhanced convenience for patients.

In a meeting led by Naqvi, the ongoing hospital upgradation was reviewed. After a thorough briefing, Naqvi urged authorities to hasten efforts for the earliest project completion. Naqvi mentioned ongoing upgrades in over 100 Punjab hospitals, highlighting a determined push to enhance healthcare infrastructure.

The Holy Family Hospital, boasting a capacity of 1,100 beds, stands as the largest public healthcare facility in the garrison city, historically serving a substantial patient population.

The temporary closure is having a great impact on the patients coming from all over the country.

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