Clothing sale leads to brawl, arrest

clothing sale

FAISALABAD: A clothing sale turned to chaos on Friday after a fight erupted among female customers, leading to the arrest of six.

Punjab police detained the individuals citing that their fierce brawl over items on sale caused intense disruption to the outlet and its employees.

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According to media reports, eyewitnesses reported that a large number of women had gathered outside the shop from the early hours of the morning, eagerly awaiting the commencement of this sale.

A frenzy erupted as soon as doors were opened, with the women rushing in to grab the clothing items. The situation further escalated when they began quarrelling and snatching suits from each other’s hands.

The women then called their men for support, further exacerbating the brawl. Reportedly, the involvement of the men led to firing inside the shop.

The Madinah Town police was called to the scene to restore order, and a case has been registered against those detained.

Anticipated sales, particularly on clothing items, are known to cause queuing and disruption. However, this usually happens around holidays and major festivities. The brawl in this case erupted as a result of a prominent fashion brand discounting their prices.

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