Citizens need to take ‘seasonal influenza vaccine’ to avoid virus: Punjab health minister

influenza vaccine

LAHORE: Punjab Caretaker Health Minister Dr Javed Akram has said that the citizens need to take special care of their health during the recent days as Punjab was adversely affected by air pollution due to heavy smog and cases of the illness causing flu-like symptoms among people, especially among elderly citizens were increasing.

Speaking to a private news channel on Tuesday, he said hinted that the new virus could be “COVID”, adding, that currently, various types of viruses are affecting the health of citizens, and children and elderly people are more affected by this virus.

Dr Javed Akram also asked citizens and residents to immediately take the seasonal influenza vaccine. An alarming increase in the cases of respiratory infections including influenza A, B and others were being reported in hospitals, he added.

The minister advised citizens to use face masks, avoid close contact, and wash their hands to avoid the influenza virus as it is easily transmissible from an infected person to others. He also advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle as it played the main role in fighting against ailments.

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Dr Javed Akram urged the authorities to take necessary measures to spread awareness about the flu while apprising the participants about the symptoms and precautions of influenza A and B.

Patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cardiac and lung diseases, pregnant women, elderly people, and children under five years are at higher risk of developing severe or complicated diseases, he warned.

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