BNP chief directs Balochistan governor to ensure protestors’ release

Long march protest

QUETTA: In a press conference today, Balochistan National Party (BNP) Chief Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal vehemently condemned the reported violence in Islamabad against participants of the missing persons long march.

Expressing his distress over the inhumane and undemocratic treatment of protestors, Mengal asserted that such actions vividly illustrate the government’s current approach. He underscored the ongoing violation of democratic traditions in Balochistan, lamenting that not a day passes without an affront to these principles in the region.

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Mengal emphasised that since the inception of the Balochistan conflict, his party has consistently advocated for dialogue as the primary means of resolution. He pointed out that every government, regardless of its political affiliation, has been urged to address the issues through negotiations.

Addressing the concerning rise in missing persons, Mengal highlighted that the problem persists even under so-called democratic governments, with missing persons and mutilated bodies becoming tragically intertwined with the fate of Balochistan.

The BNP Chief revealed that the party has actively participated in the unity committee long march that commenced from Kech Turbat. He expressed deep concern over the growing numbers of missing persons. Mengal noted that despite presenting proposals in various committees, including the parliament, the missing persons’ predicament remains unresolved.

In a notable move, Mengal instructed the Governor of Balochistan Abdul Wali Kakar to travel to Islamabad and take immediate action for the release of the arrested long march participants. He stated that if the federal government fails to comply with their demands, the governor should resign.

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Mengal questioned the political parties’ silence on the injustices faced by Balochistan, particularly in contrast to their vocal protests against atrocities in other parts of the world.

The BNP Chief concluded by urging swift action for the release of the long march participants, reiterating that if the governor fails to make it happen then he should resign before returning to Quetta.

Who is leading the Baloch long march?

The march, spanning over 1,600 kilometres, is spearheaded by the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) under the leadership of Dr Mahrang Baloch, a 30-year-old activist. Driven into activism during her teenage years, she was spurred by the traumatic experiences of enforced disappearances and custodial deaths that befell her father and brother.

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