Bilawal opposes fourth term for ‘failed PM’

Bilawal opposes fourth term for 'failed PM'

NASEERABAD: Without naming former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supremo Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that he will not let the three-time ‘failed prime minister’ to be imposed on the nation for the fourth time.

Addressing an election rally in Naseerabad district of Balochistan, Bilawal said that the people of Pakistan are not slaves of anyone, the people of Balochistan and Naseerabad are brave and do not fear anyone, the people of Balochistan know this person well.

He said that when he (Nawaz Sharif) was imposed for the first time, he robbed the rights of Balochistan, the second and third time he was imposed, he did not remain loyal to Zehri Sahib.

He said that “why should we accept a three-time failed person for the fourth time, we do not agree, we do not agree”.

Bilawal said that on one hand, there is an economic crisis, on the other hand, terrorists are raising their heads and conspiracies are being hatched against Pakistan at the foreign level.

He said that “we gave this party 18 months to manage the country’s economy. For 18 months, the PML-N had the finance minister, are the people satisfied with his performance or not.”

Bilawal said that they come to power and give relief to the rich, while the PPP gives relief to the poor people, and if this person will become the prime minister for the fourth time, the people of Balochistan will be deprived of their rights.

He said that “our 10 points are a promise to the Pakistani people. We will fight against inflation, poverty and unemployment by implementing 10 points. He said that his first promise is that the PPP will double the salaries  if voted to power, will give 300 units of free electricity to the poor people of Pakistan.

Bilawal said that elect “jiyalas” as prime minister and chief minister, they will ensure free education and healthcare in every province and every district.

He said that a university will be established in Naseerabad. “I will make a big heart hospital in your city, today the flood victims are in trouble, I am giving houses to the flood victims.”

Taking aim at Nawaz Sharif, he said “What kind of lion is this who is hiding in his house.”

He said that I give 0.2 million houses to the flood victims of Sindh, why were not houses made for the people here, If I become the prime minister, I will give houses to the people of Naseerabad.”

He said that “I will take land from the landlords and distribute it among the poor women. If you want to change your destiny, you have to support the Pakistan People’s Party. I will give interest-free loans to the poor women so that they can do their own business.”

He said that I will introduce the Benazir Farmer Card and will give financial assistance to the small farmers the card. I will bring the agricultural revolution through the farmer card. I will introduce the labour card, whether he is an industrial worker or a shopkeeper, he will get a labour card”.

He said that “I believe that the source of power is the people. They are afraid to face the people. I trust the Pakistani people. I will enter his turf in Lahore and beat him, we are ready for the general election”.

The PPP chief said that the PPP supporters do not panic. We were in the field before, we are still there.”

Without naming Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal said that “he is contesting elections to save himself from jail, we are contesting the election to serve the people”.

He asked “will you hand over the future of Pakistan to the one who did not do any work for the people by becoming the prime minister three times. You have to decide whether you want old politics or new thinking. Now two parties are contesting the election and you have to decide which party to vote.”

Bilawal urged the workers to support the arrow, and the victory will be of the people, the victory will be of the arrow, the people of Balochistan are requested to come and support the martyrs’ party, it will change your destiny.”

He said that I want to represent Naseerabad to Gwadar, do not waste the vote, give the arrow a chance once, as we brought revolution in Tharparkar, we will bring revolution in the far-flung mountainous areas of Balochistan.”

Addressing a rally in Khairpur district of Sindh, Bilawal said, “The elections are on February 8, but the people of Khairpur have announced their decision today. If the people come out like this on February 8, the prime minister will be a jiyala, and the chief minister will also be a jiyala.”

He asked the people to support him to get Pakistan out of trouble. “We are going to establish a people’s rule by coming to power. The old politicians of Lahore have been doing politics of hatred and division till today. We will bury the politics of hatred and division forever. We will change the fate of the country by coming to power.”

Bilawal continued, “The other political parties have neither a manifesto nor an ideology. Their manifesto is that if they get the government, they will save themselves from jail. There is not a single hospital in Lahore that can compete with the hospital of Khairpur. There is not a single hospital in Lahore that can compete with the Gambat hospital. If there is a problem of kidney, liver, then come to Gambat hospital. There is no benefit in going to Lahore.”

He further stated, “the N-League people say that there is no money in the country. I say there is money, but you have stolen it.”

Bilawal emphasized, “No power can compete with the PPP. No political party or politician can compete with us. The People’s Party’s competition is not with a political party, but with inflation and unemployment. If I get the government, I will save you from inflation and unemployment.”

He added, “The people have to get out of the economic crisis now. We want to send a message to Islamabad that the people do not want to see anyone as the prime minister for the fourth time. We will fight the lion together and stop to become the prime minister for the fourth time.”

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