Balochistan govt announces compensation for Mastung blast victims

Mastung blast

QUETTA: The Balochistan government has announced compensation for the families of the Mastung blast victims.

Talking to the media, Balochistan’s Caretaker Information Minister Jan Achakzai said that the families of the martyrs would receive Rs1.5 million in cash, the severely injured would get Rs500,000, and those with moderate injuries would receive Rs200,000.

“The government is committed to providing as much economic assistance as possible to the affected families of the Mastung attack,” he said.

He said that every Pakistani was in mourning over the tragic incident at Mastung.

He said that the people of Balochistan were fighting a battle for Pakistan’s survival and security. He said that Pakistan’s development passes through Balochistan.

Achakzai said that the government was determined to enhance security measures. He said that they would relentlessly pursue terrorists and their facilitators, ultimately putting an end to terrorism.

“Under the leadership of the army chief, we would strengthen Balochistan’s security. Pakistan is becoming more stable, and we were actively working to curb the smuggling of Iranian oil,” he said.

The interim minister said doctors saved the lives of 48 individuals injured in the Mastung explosion. He said that they (doctors) were providing comprehensive medical treatment to those wounded in the incident.

“Security flaws would be rectified, and the sacrifices made by the brave security forces would not go in vain,” he said adding that Balochistan would not tolerate any form of terrorism.

“We would cleanse the province of terrorists and ensure that no one would be allowed to undermine its peace,” Achakzai said.

Mastung attack: death toll reaches 60

He said that the future of Balochistan looked bright and prosperous.

“We would pursue the masterminds behind the acts of terrorism and protect every inch of the country. The enemies are busy trying to destabilise Pakistan through organised means, but their efforts would be foiled. Balochistan and Pakistan are on the path to stability and prosperity,” he said.

Meanwhile, the death toll resulting from the Mastung suicide attack has now climbed to 60 individuals. This tragic development follows the passing of another victim who had sustained injuries in the blast.

The devastating explosion, marking the second major incident in the district in September, occurred in close proximity to a mosque. It claimed the lives of 43 people instantly, who had gathered for a celebratory procession in honour of Eid Milad un Nabi on Friday.

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