Balochistan gets health cards linked to CNICs


QUETTA: In an effort to prioritise the health and well-being of its citizens, the Balochistan government is launching a scheme that will see the issuance of health cards to all eligible residents of the province. The cards will be linked to the computerised national identity cards (CNICs), making it a convenient and effective means of providing healthcare services to the public.

The health card program is set to be administered and supervised by the government insurance company in Quetta, ensuring efficient management and implementation. This move is expected to address long-standing healthcare challenges in Balochistan, where access to quality medical care has been limited for many.

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The health cards are expected to cover a wide range of medical services, including hospitalisation, consultations, diagnostic tests, and essential medicines. This development is expected to alleviate the financial burden on many families who previously struggled to afford healthcare services.

Furthermore, in an effort to ensure the successful implementation of the program, the Balochistan government will take charge of the initiative. The program’s rollout will prioritise equitable access, with a focus on underserved and remote areas where healthcare infrastructure has historically been lacking.

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