At last: Islamabad sectors to get electric busses as public transport

Public Transport

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Pakistan is set to launch a new bus service in Islamabad’s various sectors, marking a significant step in enhancing the city’s public transport system. This initiative involves establishing 13 distinct bus routes, seamlessly integrating them with the existing Orange, Blue, and Green transit lines, thus providing comprehensive coverage across the city.

To facilitate this development, the CDA has collaborated with Transport Industry Pakistan, an entity under the Ministry of Defence, for a robust and efficient transport service.

Passengers injured in Metro Bus accident

A key feature of this new service is the introduction of 160 electric vehicles, which underscores a commitment to environmentally friendly transportation. These electric buses, sourced from China, represent a modern and sustainable approach to urban mobility.

The implementation of this project will begin with the arrival of the first batch of 30 electric buses by the end of December, marking a pivotal moment in Islamabad’s journey towards improved and eco-friendly public transportation options.


The Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus, a rapid transit system operating in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area of Pakistan, consists of four main routes: The Red, Orange, Blue, and Green Lines. This network significantly enhances the connectivity and transportation efficiency in the region.

  • Red Line: Launched on 4 June 2015, this was the first route of the Metrobus network. It spans 22.5 kilometres, connecting Pak Secretariat in Islamabad to Saddar in Rawalpindi. This route has become a vital link between major residential and commercial areas, including the Blue Area, Aabpara, and Faizabad in Islamabad, and Chandni Chowk in Rawalpindi.
  • Orange Line: Inaugurated on 18 April 2022, this line extends 25.6 kilometres from the Peshawar Morh Interchange to the Islamabad International Airport. It serves as a crucial transit route for travellers and residents commuting to and from the airport.
  • Green Line: Added to the network on 7 July 2022, the Green Line stretches 15.5 kilometres, connecting Barakahu (Jillani Stop) to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad. This line facilitates access to one of the city’s key medical facilities and to areas along the route.
  • Blue Line: Also operational from 7 July 2022, the Blue Line runs for 20 kilometres, linking PIMS in Islamabad to the area of Gulberg. It covers 13 stops and offers a shared route, integrating seamlessly with other lines in the network.

Overall, these four lines represented a substantial advancement in public transportation for the twin cities.

The addition of internal routes in the sectors will significantly enhance the public transport scene in the federal capital, especially considering the eye-watering prices of vehicles and bikes in the market.

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