Afghanistan’s envoy summoned as Pakistan demands justice for Bannu attack


WEB DESK: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan summoned the representative of the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad in response to the suicide attack carried out by an Afghan national on a convoy of security forces in Bannu district on November 26.

Pakistan strongly condemned the heinous act and expressed its condemnation of the incident.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Hafiz Gul Bahadur group.

During the meeting, the Afghan representative called for a thorough investigation into the Bannu attack and urged decisive action against those responsible for planning and executing the act.

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Pakistan emphasised the immediate necessity for verifiable actions against all terrorist groups and their hideouts.

Additionally, there was a demand to halt the use of Afghan territory for terrorist activities targeting Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Afghan authorities were urged to apprehend and extradite Hafiz Gul Bahadur to Pakistan for legal proceedings.


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