Abide by law or join BLA and BLF camps: PM Karar tells Baloch protesters

BLA and BLF camps

LAHORE: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar, while refraining from explicitly naming Baloch people protesting outside the National Press Club against alleged enforced disappearances, has said that those who believe in their cause should join the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) or the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) camps, or abide by the rule of law.

Speaking before traders in Lahore, Kakar underscored the right to lawful protest, acknowledging the use of water cannons against protesters following instances of stone-pelting.

He noted that families of terrorists also exercise their right to protest, emphasizing the option for those believing in their cause to join BLA or BLF camps, and they will .

Commenting on the protest’s demand to present missing individuals in courts, Kakar criticized the silence surrounding the 90,000 casualties during the war on terror, highlighting the failure to secure convictions for even nine individuals.

He also warned the protesters that the situation was not similar to the 1971 secession of Bangladesh, and that the armed forces were fighting against the conspirators who wanted to destabilize Pakistan.

He said that the issues could not be resolved through stubbornness, but through dialogue. He said that the BLA and the BLF was carrying out atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Balochistan, and asked the protesters to join their ranks if they believed in their cause. He said that by doing so, they would realize their true standing.

Kakar said that the Panjgur camp is being attacked and teachers and lawyers are targetted in Balochistan. He conveyed his frustration towards those across Pakistan who fail to comprehend the severity of the situation.

 Kakar discouraged individuals from championing human rights causes without understanding the context, urging them to be aware of the ongoing internal struggle in Pakistan. He emphasized that Pakistan is confronting its challenges and dispelled the misconception that the country would break apart, noting that a significant majority of Baloch people support Pakistan.

He said that state is not at war with the Baloch people but with terrorist organizations. He said that banned Baloch organizations receive funding from Indian’s RAW. Anti-state elements conspiring against Pakistan will not be allowed to succeed, he said.

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