732 quackery clinics sealed


LAHORE: The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has initiated surveillance on 1,764 medical centers following the sealing of 732 quackery outlets during a series of raids on 3,361 premises across 30 districts in the past month.

According to the PHC, during these operations, 756 entities previously engaged in quackery were either closed down or had transformed into other types of businesses. Additionally, 96 previously identified quackery outlets have now started providing medical services under the supervision of qualified physicians.

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The enforcement teams conducted extensive actions, sealing 112 outlets in Faisalabad, 56 in Sialkot, 52 in Jhang, 46 in Lahore, 40 in Sahiwal, and 32 in Kasur.

The PHC’s spokesperson reported that to date, PHC teams have carried out a total of 165,900 raids, resulting in the closure of 46,114 quackery outlets. Notably, over 37,300 of these businesses have successfully transitioned into legal and legitimate enterprises.

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