Security measures to be tightened for December 25 in Rawalpindi

25 December holiday christmas in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Liaquat Ali Chatha, assured foolproof security for the Christian community, especially on December 25, during the Christmas festivities while attending a ceremony in the city.

It is worth noting that the Quaid-e-Azam Day public holiday is also set to be observed in Pakistan on the same day, Monday, December 25.

The event featured a ceremonial cake-cutting for the Christian community, with the presence of Additional Commissioner Coordination Syed Nidharat Ali, Pastor Adil Masih, Pastor Nadeem Kamran, a Member of the Cantonment Board, and pastors from various local churches, alongside members of the Christian community.

Highlighting the universal teachings of love for humanity across all religions, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha stressed the interconnectedness of Pakistan’s security with attitudes towards different religions and minority groups.

He highlighted the Islamic principle of unity and love, urging respect for diverse beliefs and opinions.

The Commissioner underlined the administration’s commitment to maintaining a harmonious law and order environment and ensuring the safety of citizens’ lives and property.

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Liaquat Ali Chatha called for a collaborative effort, with scholars from various schools of thought playing a significant role.

He also expressed efforts to disburse salaries to Christian individuals before Christmas to enhance their celebratory experience.

Pastor Adel commended the steps taken by the divisional administration to safeguard the rights of minorities, acknowledging their cooperation in maintaining law and order during the Christmas season.

He further reiterated the administration’s commitment to providing comprehensive security for the Christian community, emphasising the shared message of love for humanity as a means to foster global peace.

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