123 illegal Afghan immigrants detained

Illegal Afghans

KARACHI: The Karachi police have escalated their efforts to crack down on illegal Afghan immigrants, leading to the apprehension of 123 Afghans who unlawfully entered the city.

In a series of operations, law enforcement authorities detained 45 of the 123 illegal Afghan nationals from various locations in the Korangi District, 18 from the East District, 34 from the West District, 9 by City police, 14 from the Malir District, and 2 by Defence police.

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Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) for East Karachi, Irfan Bahadur, reported that district police conducted these operations and successfully apprehended 123 Afghan individuals residing without legal authorization within the metropolis.

Bahadur noted that cases have been filed against them under the relevant sections of the Foreigners Act.

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