10,000 personnel to protect Nawaz Sharif upon arrival

Nawaz Sharif security

LAHORE: A security and traffic plan has been formulated for the return of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif on October 21, Saturday.

According to reports, a helipad will be arranged in Shahi Qila for Nawaz Sharif’s arrival at Greater Iqbal Park – more than 10,000 personnel will perform all security duties. More than 400 cameras will monitor the rally directly.

A survey report regarding security arrangements based on police intelligence reports has been formed to determine the intensity of PML-N’s politics over the return of their supremo.

Flower petals to be showered in Lahore upon arrival of Nawaz Sharif

According to reports, on October 21, 120,000 people from across Punjab are likely to reach Minar-e- Pakistan and 11,000 vehicles will enter the premises of Lahore.

Chief Traffic Police Mustansar Feroz said that the traffic plan for the entry of Muslim League-N caravans into the city has also been prepared. Band Road and Ring Road have been designated as parking points.

According to police officials, Elite Force and Special Branch personnel will be deployed to maintain law and order in the political turmoil and to provide security to Very Important Person (VIPs).

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