WATCH: Indya Moore along with other jewish activists arrested in Gaza protest


NEW YORK: American actress Indya Moore has been arrested on October 28 in New York City’s Grand Central area. The arrest took place during a rally organised by Jewish Voice for Peace, which Moore characterised as a Jewish organisation advocating for Palestine.

As they were being handcuffed by police officers, the Aquaman actress chanted, “Let Gaza live.”

Prior to her arrest, the Pose actress had extended an invitation to people through social media, encouraging them to join the event and resist and protest the ongoing situation in Gaza.

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“The lives of Palestinians and Israelis are interconnected, and true safety can only come from justice, equality, and freedom for all,” they stated.

Moore was among the actors who had previously signed a letter urging Joe Biden to put an end to the Gaza crisis and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid. Notable signatories to the letter included Andrew Garfield, Florence Pugh, Oscar Isaac, and Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix.

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