WATCH: Armeena Rana breaks down over Gaza hospital tragedy


WEB DESK: In the wake of ongoing reports highlighting Israeli actions against Palestinians, Pakistani actress Armeena Rana Khan expressed profound sorrow as she learned about premature babies being moved from incubators due to a power outage at a hospital in Gaza.

At Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, dozens of premature infants were relocated to an area with electricity after the incubator power supply was disrupted. Doctors worked diligently with basic medical care to sustain the babies’ lives.

Armeena, emotionally affected as a mother of a premature child, shared her heartbreak on Instagram, stating, “That news about premature babies just wrecked me. My whole life has been turned upside down, it’s like I woke up one morning and started living my worst nightmare.”

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In a tearful video, the Janaan actress expressed deep distress at the thought of the babies crying without anyone to hear or comfort them. She conveyed an emotional breakdown upon learning about the Palestinian infants.

Armeena prayed for the babies’ well-being and urged for help and mercy, talking about their innocence. She questioned how people in Palestine manage their daily lives amid war and severe shortages of basic necessities.

As the Israeli aggression on Gaza reaches its 42nd day, the toll stands at over 12,000 Palestinians, including 5,000 children, who have lost their lives in relentless airstrikes targeting residential areas, including hospitals. In the past 24 hours, 24 patients at Al Shifa hospital died due to power cuts amid Israeli forces searching for alleged Hamas hideouts.

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